16 Days Uganda Honeymoon Safari : Explore all Uganda National Parks in Luxury with your loved one

This 16 days Honeymoon Safari (15 nights) safari takes you to so many interesting places all 0over Uganda. It takes you to Ssese islands, Lake Victoria, Lake Mburo National Park, Bwindi National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park.

Tour Itinerary for 16 days Uganda.

Day 1: arrival at Entebbe.
On your day of arrival, you will meet and picked by our professional guide/ driver who will meet you at the Airport. He will pick you and transfer you to the Hotel where you will have your dinner and over night. You will relax at the Hotel in Entebbe and then in the evening, you will visit the zoo (Uganda Wildlife Education Centre). The zoo introduces you to animals you are likely to find in Uganda. Some of the animals in the zoo are zebras, lions, elephants, hippopotamus, chimps, birds among others. In the evening, you will transfer back to your hotel for your dinner and over night.

Day 2: Travel to Ssese islands: Lake Victoria.
When you finish your breakfast, head to Nakiwogo and board the ferry to Kalangala, Ssese islands. The ferry leaves at 2pm on Lake Victoria and reaches at Lutoboka bay in Bugala Island after 3hr ride. On the ferry, you won't have to go hungry there's a cafeteria you can get to order anything of your choice, you get to see many islands as you near Kalangala (better if you have a set of binoculars), water birds and enjoy the calm breeze of the waters plus the experience which goes along with traveling on water. Enjoy the sight and the feeling of being far away from the noise in the city, Kampala as you get to relax your body and to understand the true sense of a holiday. Check in at Ssese Habitat Resort (SSEHAB) / Hornbill Camp/ Ssese Island Palm Beach Hotel/Andronicos Lodge.

Day 3, 4 & 5: Ssese island tour.
Go for a nature walk in the forest and proceed for a boat trip which will leave you yearning to come back to the islands again. There as well other islands that you can visit and among them, there is Bugala, Bubeke, Bukasa, Banda and Buvuma islands which are more popular. In the evening after checking out for the Go back to the hotel to enjoy a mouth watering traditional buffet. Relax a bit and later continue with the activities. Some of the activities you will try out are swimming, taking sun bath, steam bath, bicycle riding, spot fishing and a few others. Later in the evening, return back to the Ssese Island Beach Hotel/ Mirembe Resort/Andronicos Lodge for your dinner and over night.

Day 6: Transfer to Lake Mburo national park.
After having your breakfast, you will depart for Entebbe that is at around 8:00am by ferry boat. You will reach the Pier at Entebbe, Nakiwogo by 11am and you will be transferred back to Kampala for lunch. When you get to Kampala, you will continue to Lake Mburo National Park where you will have a walk to the Salt lick- a favorably located wooden platform. (2km from the camp) You can observe different types of animals while they lick the salty soil. Game viewing is quite random though observation can be done without disturbing the animals. Later you can enjoy sport fishing at Mazinga if you are a fan. Those who will feel like doing some sport fishing will do it and then in the evening, return to Kimbala Mantana/Rwonyo Camp for your dinner and over night.

Day 7: Game drive and boat trip.
Early morning go for a game drive through the park in search for acacia related birds and animals as they return to their hide outs. Return to the lodge for late breakfast and lunch and later embark on a nature walk. You will get to see zebras and the long horned domestic cattle grazing along side peaceably. Gather your strength after lunch for afternoon boat trip on Lake Mburo its self in search for water game such as Hippos, crocodiles, birds and statunga antelopes inhabiting in papyruses surrounding the Lake. Dinner and overnight at Mantana Tented Camp / Arcadia Cottages.

Day 8: Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest: Home of Gorillas.
After taking breakfast continue your tour by driving to Bwindi. Getting to this lush green forest means seeing our dreams come true as you will meet the endangered mountain gorillas in their mist. In this place, gorillas are main source of attraction which is a distinct feature for Uganda's tourism. There is a possibility that you will reach Bwindi Forest National Park in the evening or late in the night and so it will not be possible for you to d any activity thus will reserve all the activities for the next day. Dinner and overnight will follow at Gorilla Forest Camp/Gorilla resort/Buhoma community Bandas/Buhoma Homestead.

Day 9: Gorilla Trekking Tour: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.
This will be the most fantastic day in this lush green forest as you will have your breakfast in the morning and then enter the forest for tracking the most endangered mountain gorillas in the world. This activity is very exciting and it is actually difficult for one to do it once in a life time. After tracking the mountain gorillas, you will go for a game drive around the park which will reward you with fantastic views of the might animals of the Park and some of them will include; Impalas and zebras around as you drive near Sanga and Nshara gates. Some times you do not even have to go the forest because a few of the animals can be sported besides the road and some of these might include a few buffaloes, bushbuck, common duiker, bushbuck, Defassa waterbuck, and hippopotamus any time of the year. You may also see some klipspringers as you pass through the Ruroko tracks. The Rwizi track will give you sightings of impalas, eland, Butch ellís zebra and birds around the fringing swamps. In the afternoon go for a boat trip on the lake Mburo which offers attractive scenery of hippopotamus, crocodiles, waterbuck, bushbucks, resident otters and a variety of bird species. In the evening, you will transfer to Kimbla Mantana/ Rwonyo Camp.

Day 10: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park.
Have your morning breakfast and then go for a game drive connecting to Queen Elizabeth national park via Ishasha route. Before you even enter the Park, you will see the beautiful tree-climbing lions that will act as an indicator to what the safari is going to be. Start with a game drive to Kasenyi plains where you are likely to be rewarded with a view of waterbucks, Elephants, Leopards, Buffaloes, Hyenas and a variety of Antelope species. Check in at Mweya Safari lodge and have lunch. After lunch, enjoy the unique 2-hour boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel and into Lake Edward. This trip passes through possibly the highest concentration of Hippos, buffalos, elephants other animals seen drinking at the water's edge. Lookout for resident species like flamingos, red chest, papyrus Gonolek, pink backed pelicans, malachite kingfishers, yellow crown, pink backed pelicans, water thick-knee, yellow billed stork, shoebill stock. Don't forget your camera. Return to Mweya Safari Lodge/ Institute of Ecology/Simba Safari.

Day 11: Chimp trekking in Kyambura Gorge; Queen Elizabeth National Park
This morning, take your breakfast then head straight for chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura Gorge at exactly 8:00am. Chimps are very friendly and they act like humans so you will send an hour with them as you get to know them. Note that that time for tracking the chimps is unpredictable within a range of one hour or a full day some times. In this Forest, there are also diverse primates mainly Black and white Colobus monkeys and other animals like antelopes, hyenas in the middle of savanna grassland. This gorge has many bird species. You will continue to Mweya Lodge, have lunch and then head for a game view to Kasenyi. You will be able to see black and white colobus, bush buck, Uganda Kob, topi, Defassa waterbuck, and Cape buffaloes. A collection of birds like Cassin's grey flycatcher, broad billed roller, black bee-eater along the banks of Lake Edward. In the evening, return to Mweya Safari Lodge /budget Institute of ecology for your dinner and over night.

Day 12: Chimp tracking in Kanyanchu.
In the morning after having your breakfast, you will transfer to Kibale national park which is just 4hrs away. Relax and check in at Primates lodge/ Chimps Nest. Take a short guided nature walk to Bigodi swamp sanctuary, a good site for birders. Among the 137species of birds in this area, you will be able to see just a few like Blue Turaco and Papyrus Gonolek. After birding, you will have lunch and then go for chimp tracking near Kanyanchu. There are other primates in the area like the golden monkey, L'Hoest monkey, baboons, white and black colobus monkeys, grey checked Mangabey, red colobus, blue monkeys and pottos. Other animals involve forest elephants unique from the common type, giant forest hogs and a striking tree species. Return to Ndali Lodge/Crater Valley afterwards.

Day 13: Connect to Murchison falls through the Albertine Rift.
After having your breakfast, you will drive to Murchison falls national park to enjoy the beautiful and scenic journey across the Albertine escarpment on this western side of Uganda. When you reach, drive straight to the top of the falls and check in at Paraa Safari Lodge/ Sambiya Lodge/ Red Chili camp.

Day 14: Game viewing in the Delta circuit.
Go for a game drive in the Northern Nile delta circuit, quite a sight for checking out a high awareness of wildlife. You will spot the leopards along the leopard track, the Jackson's hartebeest, large concentrations of Uganda Kobs and large families of the Defassa waterbuck, together with giraffe herds, groups of the dainty oribi. The high supply of Kobs attracts prides of lions to the delta too. The delta also attracts birders with specials like the Abyssinian ground hornbill, shoebill (herons, waders and egrets around small pools of water) Senegal thickknee and Denham's bustard. What's not there? In the evening head out for a launch trip on the famous Nile River and value God's creation of the Murchison Falls, the largest crocs, Hippos and elephants playing in the water. After such a lovely encounter retire to your lodge. Stay overnight at Paraa Safari Lodge/ Nile Safari Camp/ Red Chili Camp.

Day 15 &16: Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary.
In the morning after having your breakfast, you will transfer to Zziwa rhino sanctuary and check out how the rhinos roam. The sanctuary was established in 1998 with aim of re-introducing the white and black rhinos which were heavily poached to non existence during Amin's era of the 1970's. In December 2001, 2 rhinos were transferred from Kenya to Uganda. You begin with tracking the rhinos; walk and even camp in the bush. Rhinos have to be imported from other countries so they can take part in Uganda's breeding programme. On the last day of this Rhino Zziwa sanctuary is when you will transfer back to the airport for your departure flight back home.

End of Safari