How to plan a successful gorilla trekking safari in Africa

How to plan a successful gorilla trekking safari in Africa

November 8, 2016
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One of the most gratifying tours in the whole world is a gorilla trekking tour, at least once in a lifetime someone has that right to bump into something very rewarding and thrilling at the same time. That kind of experience that will make one wish they could go home with it so as to make other relatives and friends to see it as a deeply captivating story. Personally, I can’t look any further for this kind of experience than Gorilla trekking and habituation. This is still standing in first position of one the few experiences that most people desire to have before they die.

“A lifetime experience” as most people refer to it has had different people talking about it in the very same story setting but different versions. Some safari lovers go trekking for that beautiful memorable experience of climbing, sloping and sweating, others want to take as much photos and videos as possible, others want to gaze directly into the gorilla’s eyes and others enjoy the ape’s daily routines of grooming around, foraging in the thickets, jumping on tree branches among other things, all these put in the same package, your preparation is vital and holds the truth about how you will feel.
There are only 3 countries where visitors can visit gorillas in the wild; Uganda in Bwindi national park and Mgahinga while tourists can visit Rwanda gorillas in Volcanoes national park and less visited is Congo’s Virunga national park.

There are these little things you need to do and they will make the entire Uganda gorilla trekking safari even more rewarding;
Always first remember to book your permit in time, book as early as possible before you set off for Uganda because due to the high demands of these permits, more than 70 people travel to Bwindi Impenetrable on a daily for this amazing Gorilla experience and many more are put on hold. You do not need to be among the ones put on the waiting lot.

Arrange your trip during a favorable time; make sure you travel at the right time of the year; we therefore advise travelling during the dry season when the soils of the thick forest are not so marshy. The best times for trekking are from the months of June to September and the months of December to late February.

In this rain forest, the rain is highly unpredictable, so visitors are supposed to pack rain jackets or coats, jungle boats, umbrellas, insect repellant, sun cream or lotions, long sleeved shirts, well charged cameras preferably with extra films for photography, first AID box just in case of any accidents.

All the people on this trekking trip need to be healthy and fit enough since most of Uganda’s gorilla trekking trails are traverse on foot, some of the hiking can go on and last for about 8 hours. Remember “Bwindi” means “darkness” and so the darkness may continue to work as hiding places for these rare apes and you end up hiking further to find them. For them they are at peace, at home in their natural environment.

Please do not travel for gorilla trekking activity if at all you are sick or ill, you have to put in mind that these endangered apes are human race relatives and any illness we bear can affect them as well.

The main thing to mind about is the right tour operator or travel agent; your gorilla trek travel will stand adventurous if you choose the right tour operators. Uganda has many tour operators and choosing a good company with nice customer reputation would do you good since you will not need to worry about the accommodation choices, you will sleep comfortably and arrive to the park in time for your memorable jungle safari.
Once the above is put in practice well, your holiday trip will stand to be even more thrilling than one you ever had before.